Reviews in Colorado Archaeology, Volume 1 (Article 1): 1-9

Introducing Reviews in Colorado Archaeology, a New Online Journal for Archaeological Research and Cultural Resources Management

Mark D. Mitchell (Paleocultural Research Group)


Decisions about which sites to preserve and study are among the most critical that archaeologists make. Sound preservation decisions depend on well-supported assessments of archaeological site importance, which in turn depend on agreed frames of reference or contexts. For archaeologists working in Colorado and adjacent regions, one of the most important frames of reference is a series of context documents published by the Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists. As is true of any synthesis of archaeological data, those contexts are now in need of renewal, and in some cases revision. To provide one venue for context updates, Paleocultural Research Group has inaugurated an online, refereed journal called Reviews in Colorado Archaeology (RCA) that publishes authoritative and critical reviews, original research, National Register contexts, and methodological primers. RCA also publishes separately numbered, book-length contributions and distributes monographs or edited volumes produced by universities, federal or state agencies, or other organizations. RCA is one component of a new website designed to support research, cultural resources management, and public education in Colorado archaeology. Called “Online Resources for Colorado Archaeology and Historic Preservation,” or ORCA, the site is an open-access platform that integrates a reference library, a compendium of hyperlinks to online resources, a forum for community discussion and professional collaboration, and resources for educators, students, and avocationals.

Keywords: cultural resources management; archaeological research; archaeological contexts; Colorado archaeology; online journal

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