The Cañon Irrigation Ditch

The Cañon Irrigation Ditch was first appropriated in April of 1857 and adjudicated in October 1883. The ditch is priority number 22 for this district and was originally allocated 42.7 cfs of water. The Cañon Irrigation Ditch is one of the oldest irrigation ditches in the state. The resource (along with the Antonito and San Juan San Rafael ditches) played an important role in the agricultural and community development of Antonito, Mogote, and Paisaje, Colorado and the surrounding areas. The resource was previously determined eligible for listing in the NRHP under Criteria A.

In 2023, NRCS improved a short section of the ditch, replacing an existing water control structure with a more efficient, and much larger modern structure. Because of this, the project altered the character of the Cañon Ditch, resulting in an Adverse Effect to a historic property. Accordingly, the resource was added to the NRCS Irrigation Ditches and Canals Story Map Series.


Authors: Michael Troyer (NRCS)

Keywords: Ditch, Canal, Irrigation, Story Map


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