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Tips for New Users

Before you register, please read the forum rules (see link in the left-hand navigation pane). When you register you will receive an email with instructions about how to set your password. You may also select a "badge" that indicates your experience level. You may also upload a profile photo. If you are a professional archaeologist you may apply for professional access to restricted library resources by cliking the button at the top of the account page. 

Please direct your posts to the most appropriate forum category: announcements (non-commerical only, please), advice and collaboration on specific projects, questions about artifacts or features, or discussions of archaeological methods. If your topic doesn't fit one of these categories, post it in the general discussion forum.

When you create a post you can indicate whether you wish to be notified when other people comment or respond. You are encouraged to acknowledge useful responses to your posts, or answer questions posted in response.

If you have questions about how to create or respond to a post, or encounter problems with the system, please send an email to





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