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Water in the West (https://archaeologycolorado.org/resources) is a partnership between Paleocultural Research Group (PCRG), the Colorado State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and the Bureau of Reclamation to host content created as part of the alternative mitigation strategies outlined in Appendix B of the Management of Irrigation Facilities in the State of Wyoming and the Management of Water Control Features in the State of Colorado programmatic agreements (PAs). Users of the PAs must first adhere to the requirements outlined in the appropriate PA before any content is created and submitted.


Content Types

Water in the West can host a variety of content types. Please see the descriptions below and the disclaimers that follow. All submissions must use the Content Submission Form, found here. Content submissions must include a photo (.jpg or .png) to include with the project, and any necessary attachments or links.

Content Type1 Description File Type Submission Hosting
Report Document Traditional report style or another document PDF Send file to PCRG Directly on Water in the West
ArcGIS StoryMap2 StoryMap created by agency or contractor StoryMap link Send link to PCRG Hosted by agency or contractor ArcGIS online account
Video3 Video content, must be approved by SHPO Video file Send file to PCRG Hosted on Water in the West YouTube channel
Audio3 Audio content, must be approved by SHPO Audio (e.g. .wav) file Send file to PCRG Hosted via alternative media (e.g. podcast) or embedded on Water in the West
Other Please contact PCRG to discuss other content types  - - -

Content disclaimers:
PCRG is not responsible for any consultation or content creation but instead is the final contact after all content has been created and approved by the respective SHPO and federal agency. PCRG is not responsible for any review, editing, or formatting of submitted content without prior discussion with PCRG.
2 ArcGIS StoryMaps must be hosted on an agency, contractor, or other entity’s ArcGIS Online account. The Water in the West project page will link to the StoryMap, PCRG will not directly host any ArcGIS StoryMaps.
3 All video content MUST include captioning and all audio content MUST include transcripts.


Submission Form

See a list of Colorado Submission Topics 

See a list of Wyoming Submission Topics

Updated 1/9/2023


There is a one-time upload fee of $400 for file formats listed above. This includes page creation with a stable link, formatting of project description, project image on the webpage, and indexing for search engines. Content types not listed above may require additional fees to upload; please contact us to discuss costs associated with other content types. The fee will be paid by the submitting party or agency to PCRG upon invoice (check or major credit card accepted). Content will not be uploaded until the fee has been paid.


Questions, please contact:

Chris Johnston, Paleocultural Research Group

Chris.Johnston@paleocultural.org; 303-439-4098



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