Irrigation and Water Supply Ditches in Colorado

This 2005 context document by Dr. Michael Holleran is a comprehensive overview of the history of water supply systems in Colorado. It provides details on the types of historical resources that are a product of these water conveyance systems, with a particular emphasis on how to evaluate these resources for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The context begins with a detailed history of water supply systems in Colorado, from the earliest settlers in the region and continues to more recent times describing municipal water systems and other non-agricultural water use. Following this history, Holleran provides great detail on the many different property types associated with ditch and canal systems and concludes with a discussion on National Register requirements and a fantastic research guide and annotated bibliography. This document is a great resource for those beginning research on ditches and canal systems—and their associated resources—in Colorado.

Author: Michael Holleran

Keywords: Irrigation, Ditches and Canals, National Register of Historic Places, Context 


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