Public Archaeology

Increasingly, archaeologists are integrating various forms of public outreach into their research and cultural resource management projects. Archaeologists disseminate the results of their research through lectures, tours, and publications to increase public awareness about the value of archaeological research and the importance of preserving archaeological resources. Many archaeologists also look for ways to collaborate with avocationals and descendant communities to accomplish research goals. This page provides information and resources for archaeologists interested in expanding their public outreach efforts.

Resources for Developing Public Archaeology Projects

The Society for American Archaeology’s Public Archaeology site is a clearinghouse for discussion and resources related to public education and community archaeology.

The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology includes 34 scholarly contributions on the history, practice, and ethics of public outreach and collaboration.

AP: Online Journal in Public Archaeology is a peer reviewed, open access journal devoted exclusively to Public Archaeology.

Public Archaeology is the only international, peer-reviewed journal to provide an arena for the growing debate surrounding archaeological and heritage issues as they relate to the wider world of politics, ethics, government, social questions, education, management, economics and philosophy.

The Herring Run Archaeology Project is volunteer-led public archaeology investigation supported by Baltimore Heritage and the Northeast Baltimore History Roundtable.

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