Resources for Avocationals

Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification

The Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification (PAAC) is an educational and training program offered jointly by the Colorado Archaeological Society and the Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado. PAAC participants engage in learning about Colorado’s past through a series of courses offered around the state. Classes are open to the general public for a nominal fee and focus on various aspects of archaeology in Colorado. PAAC graduates can use the skills they learn in the program to volunteer on field projects or for archaeological site stewardship programs, at museums or other educational programs, or simply to enhance their knowledge of Colorado’s rich past. PAAC is not meant to replace a university degree program but rather to make archaeology more accessible to the citizens of Colorado. Click the link to visit the PAAC homepage and learn more about the program.

Resources for Avocational Training and Research

Trained and experienced Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) avocational archaeologists are committed to the stewardship of archaeological resources through public education, conservation, and responsible research. The resources in this section are designed to promote collaboration between avocationals and the broader archaeological community and facilitate archaeological research and cultural resource preservation opportunities for CAS members and others interested in public archaeology.

Opportunity Calendar

Click here to learn more about upcoming fieldwork opportunities, cultural resource preservation events, and training sessions.

Volunteer Roster

Click here to view a roster of enthusiastic volunteers seeking opportunities to participate in archaeological field research, lab analyses, and public archaeology outreach events.

CAS Document Repository

The CAS Document Repository is a collection of manuals, guides, and training resources.

Other Resources

Avocational archaeologists are encouraged to use ORCA resources to learn more about Colorado archaeology, to conduct research projects, and to participate in online discussions. Visit the Research Library to find a variety of technical publications. Datasets useful to CAS research are posted on the Data page.


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